Reasons to Pursue Your Career at RIC

The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago provides an outstanding professional environment and the professional satisfactions of being the best. We also provide you with unparalleled lifestyle options, career advancement, continuing education and research opportunities, as well as highly competitive compensation and employment benefits. Most important, RIC is recognized as the '#1 Rehabilitation Hospital in America.'*

Outstanding Professional Environment
  • Fast-paced, active and dynamic
  • Multi-disciplinary, team approach to care
  • Partnerships with other professionals
  • Diverse case mix
  • Choice of levels of care (inpatient, day rehabilitation, outpatient)
  • Choice of patient populations (e.g., pediatrics, spinal cord, stroke)
  • State-of-the-art practices, technology and systems
Professional Satisfaction
  • Culture of appreciation and respect
  • Sense of challenge, accomplishment, and inspiration
  • Long-term relationships with patients and families
  • Knowing you are among the best in your field
Convenience and Lifestyle Options
  • Flexible scheduling with full-time, part-time, and per diem (FlexStaff) positions
  • Flagship location just off of Michigan Avenue
  • Easy access to public transportation and shuttle service
  • Discounted parking
  • City and suburban locations


  • You'll discover a level of flexibility and work-life balance that truly has the power to transform you personally and professionally
  • Per diem or full-time career opportunities
  • Hourly and salaried compensation arrangements
  • Travel incentives
  • Your choice of work location, date and time
  • Work as little or as frequently as you choose
  • Work with a variety of teams and patient populations
  • Opportunities to work in multiple locations
Career Advancement
  • Supportive orientation and mentoring program
  • Clinical excellence recognized and supported
  • Worldwide reputation as '#1 Rehabilitation Hospital in America' *
  • Including 'Clinical Ladders' program
  • Encourages professional development
  • Provides a reward program for excellence
  • Promotes job satisfaction

Practice Councils

  • Provide a voice for professionals in operation of specific disciplines
  • Ensure excellence in professional practice
  • Maintain high levels in recruiting and retention
  • Ensure new employee orientation and mentoring

Ongoing Continuing Education

  • Offered through leader in rehabilitation education: RIC Academy
  • Tuition reimbursement for degree programs
  • Fellowship programs opportunities
  • Research opportunities
  • Hundreds of investigative research programs
  • Ongoing research in most areas of rehabilitation care
  • Clinical trials of most advanced equipment, technology and systems

*Since 1991 U.S.News & World Report has ranked RIC the '#1 Rehabilitation Hospital in America.'